Blood Borne, Sexually Transmitted Infections - HIV/AIDS

The nurse will work together with other staff, as needed, to:

Increase knowledge of this epidemic;

Increase awareness and reduce the stigma within the community to promote testing, access to prevention, education and support as well as support social environments for those vulnerable to and living with HIV;

Target high-risk groups and substance abusers for HIV/AIDS and communicable disease prevention and control;

Respect the Quebec public health regulations regarding the reporting requirements of communicable disease.

In order to do these, the nurse will:

Provide regular education sessions within the schools and through workshops, pamphlets, Karihwi:ios and community events;

Offer risk assessment and education to all prenatal clients;

Provide anonymous needle exchange program and voluntary, anonymous, HIV screening and pre- and post-test counseling;

Support families and persons living with HIV/AIDS;

Counsel and refer high-risk individuals.


For more complete information, please visit Health Canada's website: Click Here.