Executive Director

Joyce Bonspiel-NelsonJoyce Bonspiel-Nelson

As the Executive director, Joyce is responsible for the day- to-day operation of the health center. She ensures programs  run smoothly and that the health center employees' work in  collaboration toward the delivery of the highest quality of  service and care to Kanesatake community members. Joyce  works closely with the KHC Inc. Board of Directors and also  serves as a member of the KHC Health Planning Committee, the Steering Committee for the AHTF Projects, and the  Emergency Evacuation Committee for Riverside Elders'  Home.

She also acts as custodian of all records pertaining to health programs and client records. She prepares yearly budgets and monitors and manages financial resources. She provides the health center team with leadership, coordination, and vision, in all areas of health as outlined in the Contribution Agreements signed with Health Canada.

The Executive Director ensures that the Kanesatake Health Center Inc. Board of Directors and Health Canada receive precise & complete activity reports and funding proposals within the required deadlines. Receives & responds to all complaints relating to the Kanesatake Health Center.


 Health Planning and Management