Non-Insured Health Benefits

The benefits provided under the NIHB Program supplement private insurance and provincial/territorial health and social programs include drugs, dental care, vision care, medical supplies and equipment, mental health services, medical transportation to access medical services not available in the community (read more).

Health Canada's website also contains detailed information for clients and professionals about what benefits are covered for individuals with band numbers.  Click here to find out more.

To find out which dental professionals are registered with Health Canada, call (514) 283-5501.  To find out about other medical professionals registered with Health Canada call (514) 283-1575.

Medical TransportationMedical TransportationThe Medical Transportation Coordinator, with the help of the Medical Transportation Drivers will:

Transport band members to medical appointments.

Assist in obtaining medical supplies and equipment when client is eligible.

Call Shelly Simon at (450)479-6000 at least 48 hours before your appointment to make sure the van is available.